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Updated: Dec 18, 2018

Onto the field of battle

March minions of millionaires

Lined for slaughter, men as cattle

Willing pawns of bulls and bears

Fueled by advocating prattle

Sold off not as men but shares

Well fixed slaves or broken chattel

In loving war all is fares

No atheists huddle in foxholes

Combatants heed a higher calling

When impacted by their field’s goals

Survival rates become appalling

From the sidelines all of the cajoles

The lazy find mayhem enthralling

Subjected to command controls

Preparing for a public mauling

Give your body to this fine warnography

Armchair adherents implore

You can take it – it’s not pornography

Please the throngs each time you score

Destruction as creation

A horrific notion to sell

Physical mutilation

Brain damage included as well

Swell to the crowd’s elation

Swollen coffers used to compel

A mutual masturbation

Expiring so others excel

Give your body to this fine warnography

Broken player cast off whore

Take what you can its all geography

Gaining turf to lose much more

Helmets and armor define uniform

As well as to notions such soldiers are sworn

Combative combatants consume in a swarm

Blood of heroes and vanquished are readily worn

For emperors gladiators perform

Bodies are shattered, ligaments torn

The heat of battle keeps the citizens warm

So surrogate soldiers from reason are shorn

Beat into submission assume the formation

Only through skirmish comes gratification

The front line is designed for intimidation

Defend anti-social stratification

Huddle together for your confirmation

Spread out your coverage for more penetration

Unleash an offense to assure domination

Increase in defense your color’s predation

Drafted willing the shoe fits

After drilling it’s the blitz

Offer up the hardest hits

Drop the bomb get blown to bits

Give your body to this fine warnography

Give your mind then unto war

How much can you take, its not pornography

Human bloodlust underscore

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