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My body is scarred but I am strong. My mind battered but unrelenting. My spirit, though crushed, is resilient, and I press forth even in the face of defeat. I am Art.

Religion wants to bring humanity closer to God, which is why they so readily support us killing each other.

Their power lies in our belief in the power of their lies.

Belief is desire disguised as truth.

We don’t lack love – love is high emotion, we’ve got plenty of that. What we lack is reason and reason operates from a safer place.

In the end…it’ll be over.

If a crime isn’t a crime regardless who commits it, then the law that selectively prosecutes it is the crime.

Life, far from eternal, is but hours to live.

I consider sex a sacred activity and only engage in it with women who will let me.

It’s okay that you don’t like political systems. They don’t like you either.

You know if we taped shut the mouths of our leaders, exactly the same would be accomplished and it would be so much quieter.

Fauxbia – pretending to be afraid of something.

Those who reveal the truth of the US political system are imprisoned while those who lie about it are in office.

I operate from a place of implicit trust. I trust a scoundrel to behave wretchedly as I trust a decent person to behave decently.

I seek not to lead but to inspire.

Chinchilla coats are so expensive because it takes over 100 chinchillas to make one and they work very slowly and take lots of breaks.

Serial killers get prison, mass murderers get libraries.

We sacrifice compassion for technology.

Money is an invention which means the power it provides is a contrivance.

I’ve never played it safe and as a result, I have nothing to put into one.

When law is open to interpretation, then the decision, correct or not, will always fall to the person with the gun or money.

Changing the channel doesn’t change reality, merely our perception of it. We need to turn off the set & work on reality.

People would rather say yes and not do something than just say no with the possibility they might have to explain why.

While I cannot speak to the efficacy of his other duties, Donny is most assuredly executing the office of the presidency.

“Black Hawk Down” is a film that shows what happens when you give starving people guns instead of food.

Sausage maker: organ grinder.

Sharing of food concoctions: recipeprocity.

Why do so many aspire to nothing in the life full of opportunities? Because nothing is at least attainable.

Reality isn’t nearly as tasty as fantasy and we thus grow obese on delusion.

Molly seems like a good name for an X wife.

For thematic consistency, I prefer my oysters with seahorseradish.

If we don’t evolve past this mass murder thing we do, it’ll kill us.

George W Bush has taken up painting in his declining years. Not content with crimes against humanity, he now commits them against art.

In the interest of reciprocity, when my time comes, I’m going to die for Jesus’s sins. Seems somebody should.

Breaking: Snow is actually God’s dandruff! Film at 11:00

Flake News

If you want to live to be old, never have nothing to do.

In fear of losing the things we like, we don’t complain too loudly about the things we don’t like, thus becoming slaves to convenience.

Waking up isn’t enough. To actually effect change, you have to get out of bed.

History: selective observations of grand themes.

“Superman,” with Gene Hackman & Christopher Reeves, is about a corrupt New York real estate developer battling an illegal alien working in the media.

I don’t differentiate between species. Everything of here is an Earthling. Humans just tend to be particularly destructive ones.

Communism: the State controls everything.

Capitalism: the Rich control everything.

Anarchism: we must control ourselves.

The eyes can only see what the mind will allow them to.

Been reading about head transplants. Wonder how much they’d charge me for George Clooney’s?


I mean, come on, it’s used.

Baptism: water-lording.

Wedding vows: the oath of orifice.

In the USA, selling war is highly regarded while selling sex is illegal. Suspect that if more people had sex, less would want war.

War is collectivized hunting for something that no one intends to eat.

Once the ride gets up to speed, you’ll be amazed how far you’ve gone in such a short distance.

If you want a staid and uninteresting life, by all means, have one. But don’t insist that everybody else must.

The nice thing about death is that you don’t need to get up for anything.

When opportunity knocks, the decision to remain in bed doesn’t reflect upon opportunity. It does show up early sometimes.

Art is when you have something to say. Crafts is when you need something to do.

When you think you know is when you know you should think.

If war is a necessity, then healthcare should be a right.

The future is sure to be interesting because the present is off the hook.

The reason things don’t make sense is because we attempt to contain them within a preconstructed paradigm.

What is a man? Cellular accumulation.

It’s preposterous to think that America’s owners are concerned with the rule of law. Their interest is the law of rule.

Christian Bale sounds like a name that you’d give to an apostate.

If a chain is no stronger than its weakest link, a person, or nation, is no better than the worst thing they do.

Perponalities: criminal celebrities.

The USA has replaced its standing government with a lying one.

As long as governments battle for primacy, the citizens will suffer. As long as life is about trying to win, we all lose. Some just do it with bigger houses.

Intuition tells me it is the poor person in intolerable conditions who is justified to lament their horrid station. Turns out it is the rich guys living in splendor with all their desires met who are suffering the most. Who knew?

In Africa, a single Cape Buffalo can feed an entire village, though the locals are careful not to under-tip & cause it to rampage.

Some of us are civilized. Most of us are just domesticated.

“Our bonds cannot be broken by violence.”

Donny Trump telling us to quietly accept our bondage.

Donny sounds like a fungi in bed.

Skydiving: recreational plummeting.

I expect nothing from others but disappointment. That way, if they don’t disappoint me, I can still be disappointed.

How we present ourselves is how we are perceived.

Perception is the individual’s interpretation of reality.

One of my many problems with religion it that it compels a reliance upon an external source for the resolution of problems that only we can fix.

The more power you give a person, the more power they will use.

We are on a finite journey in an infinite realm.

You fling around enough shit, you are bound to get some on you.

All the music I offer here comes from me alone. If you like supporting independent artists, look no further.

I do art for rent’s sake.

In the military the sociopaths handle administrative duties while the psychopaths are operational.

When the lie pays and comes with no rebuke, how can we ever expect to hear the truth?

Men of peace get sentences, killers get books, mass murderers get libraries.

The USA has turned the Cradle of Civilization into the Abattoir of Humanity.

Our leaders swear their oath of office on a book that wouldn’t stand up in court.

The problem of pursuing love or happiness is that it is the pursuit of an abstract. To pursue something that is actual means you can actually attain it which will then make you happy. And you’ll love yourself for it.

Smart isn’t smart without art.

Condemning people to hell is God’s business. The problem is we’ve made it our business.

If murder is wrong, then it is wrong no matter who does it. If it is not wrong, it should not warrant the death penalty.

Love is not an Easter egg, and will not be found because you search for it diligently. If you truly want love, be lovable. Then it will find you.

People handle failure better than success because they have more practice at it.

Performance is to entertain. Art is to inspire.

All my money is tied up in nonexistence.

Government controls the means of destruction.

Failure makes us aspire to grander things while success makes us fear a lesser position.

If you attack another in their home, can you legitimately complain about the measures they take to defend themselves? 

The wheels of justice turn slowly because the tires of law are flat.

Bad movies should be more memorable, so we remember not to watch them again.

We’re told that blonds are stupid but that they have more fun, which suggests that having fun is stupid. Having fun is smart, and anyone who tells you otherwise is stupid, hair notwithstanding.

Burning your film career to the ground? Arson Welles.

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