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A frantic journey across post-war America to find out what went wrong.

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                       No Business:

     Clawing Through the Back Doors of Show Biz


                               Are you up for the ride?

Advanced Prays

“I thought I had it tough.”


“This is a hard hitting, impeccably researched and extensively footnoted historical novel of deep cultural import. In fact…What? No Business? What the hell is that? I was talking about…Oh, never mind.” Robert McNamara

“I’ve read some crap in my day. As a writer, I have to. Especially while writing it. No Business is likely my finest work.” Norman Mailer

“Without this invaluable tract at our hands, we should, I suspect, have never survived Valley Forge.”

George Washington

“While I only had a superficial relationship with Art, we possessed the attraction of opposites.”

Andy Warhol

“What, I’m not scandalous enough for your damned book?!”

Paul Newman

“Trust me; you don’t want any of that…”

Frank Sinatra

“Well, beyond the accuracy and wild storytelling, I believe we had a successful run in the governor’s mansion.”

Ronald Reagan

“This stands as an affront to all that is decent and just. I’m getting copies for the whole family.”

Richard Nixon

“If this book were carved in stone, it would make a very effective paperweight.”

Lucy Luckiano

“We had to destroy civilization to save it. Well, maybe ‘had’ is a little strong. How about ‘chose’?”

General Westmoreland

“Next to black people providing hungry children free lunches, this “Art” is perhaps the greatest threat to the American way of life.”

J. Edgar Hoover

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