• artahammer

Mighty Things

When we met I was hitchhiking

Headed to Montgomery High

You stopped and offered me a ride

As down Brush Creek you did fly

A crazy kid upon two legs

A mobile wild boy emBugged

Whipped along a wasted world

To know us just say know we’re drugged

You offered me a happy smoke

Along with a wake up sip

Cherry brandy and LSD

Thus expanding our brief trip

Say hello to high school high

Our established destination

Just a case of furthering

Our own higher education

Wasted we’d do mighty things

Mighty stupid, mighty fun

Flying high on foolish wings

Children aiming for the sun

Crazy times at Redneck Eats

Wild in the vineyard run

Older nutjobs in the streets

Terrifying everyone

Enjoying all the tasty treats

Rare the vile ones we’d shun

Diabetic from the sweets

Seize canned ease to come undone

Wasted we’d do mighty things

Mighty stupid, mighty fun

Flying high on foolish wings

Getting closer to the sun

Getting older dumber still

Perhaps bolder express will

Looking inside for a thrill

Where we hide the thoughts which kill

Wild times in Colorado

With the Valk – DADC

Often getting up on Downing

Opulent in poverty

Bouncing round with no direction

Doing stand-up comedy

Falling down with Robitussin

Confirming my stupidity

With the gang in Santa Rosa

The Doo Dah debauchery

Through it all I gotta tell ya

You’ve always been a friend to me

As men we’re felled by mighty things

Mighty thoughtless, mighty dumb

Get too close and melt the wings

To our hubris we succumb

The promise of youth

The pressures of age

To clutch for the truth

To swallow outrage

Then spit back the bile

That fails to assuage

Or offer a smile

While turning the page

For Craig Luoto – always my friend

© 2012

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