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How does one get on top

Climb over everything below

At nothing you must stop

No lengths you will not go

To be the world’s cop

None you won’t overthrow

Brains nurtured on slop

Pleasure you will not forego

Raising up a bummer crop

There to applaud the show

At the world market shop

Never paying what you owe

Through the fields chop

Fed by hateful seeds you sow

Shedding nary teardrop

Upon the vanquish of a foe

For all positions swap

As all peaks must plateau

We need an intervention here

We need to pay attention

Those in charge looming large

Just what is their intention

The psychotic mind

Feeds upon reaction

Pushing buttons trying to get a rise

The sociopath

Abuses interaction

For their gain no limit to their lies

For leadership

Achieving satisfaction

Is the power that the dollar buys

Apathetic brains

Caught up in distraction

Sit on their thumbs as our world dies

We need an intervention here

We need to pay attention

Those in control dig the hole

For our ultimate detention

The man who would be king

Lord of all that he surveys

To him the pays the thing

Within such power plays

Rule over the mundanes

Shocking awesome displays

Real threats, fiscal pains

Lowered as the bar they raise

The power of the throne

Continues to amaze

The centuries have shown

Credulity still pays

The psychos on the pinnacle

Breed chaos bring forth hate

To maintain their position

The terror can’t abate

Cause only through terror

Comes the power of the state

Come soldiers to enforce

Tyrannical mandate

Comes rule disguised as laws

Corruptions legislate

Comes corrosion of our world

The end is here – is it too late

We need an intervention here

We need to pay attention

The fools that rule abuse the tool

And then collect their pension

We need less pretension here

We need to stay contention

Soundly sick still swinging dick

Pounding cures prevention

We need comprehension here

We need less apprehension

Old boys deploying life destroying

Demands an intervention

© 2010

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