• artahammer

Gates of Hell

Famine, plague, and pestilence

Our future in a line

Poverty extreme expense

To suffering consign

Belief without evidence

The punditry opine

Actions defy common sense

A systemic design

Can’t fail it’s just too immense

Atrocities align

Choking back so much nonsense

Salvation is rapine

Monied interests all pretense

Mendacities Malign

World shakers so Intense

When it comes feeding time

We build on our foundations

Paradise is a hard sell

Once you see the motivations

Beckoned through the Gates of Hell

The sneering predictions

Like pope benedictions

Assured conflagrations

Includes some restrictions

The vocal inflections

Suggesting erections

The call of rogue nations

Mandating injections

The global impactions

Of his interactions

And their implications

His online distractions

Promoted concoctions

With so many doc-shuns

His Epstein predations

Humans sold at auctions

Now farmland reductions

Habitat destructions

The leaders of nations

Await further instructions

We crumble those foundations

Depredations serve us well

Left with naught but lamentations

Howling through the Gates of Hell

6/3/22 Arturo Hammer

© 2022 ArtAHammer

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