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What’s become of friendship

Has it sunk into the sea

Scuttled by a bad drip

Flooded with deep enmity

Rotten right to the corps

Sadly devoid of esprit

No room in the lifeboat

For all those forced to flee

Soon no room in anything for anyone but me

Have we forsaken our affection

Thus betrayed community

To foster our connection

As but a commodity

Perhaps forgotten that perfection

Exists only in fantasy

As little more than a collection

Cells struggling for primacy

An extroverted introspection

To fellate with flattery

To embrace further rejection

Find offense in amity

Viewing life as our projection

Lose all focus then ennui

Blinded to all but our reflection

Ourselves the only thing we see

Some people see friends

As the means to an end

Where the hand extends

The selfish descend

To give with love is to receive

Love as its own reward

To offer others adoration

A fine way to be adored

When love is simply of the self

Affections one must hoard

Sinking in another friendship

You’re the only one on board

Some people see friends

As the means to an end

When the hand extends

The selfish descend

Where none comprehends

No one to defend

Friendship depends

On love to transcend

© 2011

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