• artahammer

Cassandra's Plight

In observing human blight

I understand Cassandra’s plight

To avail the blind of sight

Which the blind reject outright

Into darkness shining light

Those asleep, eternal night

Those afraid succumb to fright

Some truths offer no respite

So what’s wrong is then alright

Passions easy to excite

Demand joy inducing spite

Deny humankind’s delight

Speak of truth with some insight

Seek a truth but not a right

Wisdom is the greatest might

Reason helps the mind take flight

Intelligence seeks to unite

Fear’s response then is to smite

Hammers hard the hand of sleight

Seeking violence to incite

Weak minds bundled up so tight

Cloistered propaganda’s rite

Kindling waiting to ignite

Ardor’s angry acolyte

Few can read fewer write

Still too many do despite

Chew upon the lure bite

Skewered as a parasite

Hear what pays is dearly trite

Insincere appears forthright

Here life plays to color white

Near other hues we extradite

When this world one must indict

Reality is not polite

And will knock you down despite

All attempts to stay upright

Stung hard by derision’s bite

Vision proving quite finite

Subject of subjective slight

High price for the proselyte

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