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Art A Hammer

Updated: Jan 15, 2019

Feel the pounding beat

As the hammer falls

Prepare for the sound of things to come

See the moving feat

Heed the caterwauls

Highs and lows define the medium

We are what we eat

Lowbrows with highballs

No longer sustained with pabulum

Inhale fragrance sweet

The cloying appalls

To the subtle chemistry succumb

Listen to the street

Nothing found in malls

Overcome market delirium

On an off-balance sheet

Mental momentum stalls

Define our own equilibrium

Art a hammer used to shape us

Not to replicate us as we are

Such distinctions can escape us

Seeking our reflection in a star

Reshaping convention

Art in reinvention

Leaving all pretension at the door

Applying dimension

Creative intervention

Really just to mention what it’s for

Belief in suspension

Logic in ascension

No reason for tension anymore

Art the mind’s extension

In apathy’s prevention

No longer inattention to the score

Art a hammer used to shape us

Not to replicate us as we are

Does an artist merely ape us

Vapid becoming our repertoire

Pound for pound

The best around

Beat for beat

Know no retreat

Blow for blow

Buy now you know

Slam for slam

We’re in a jam

Art a hammer that will bend us

To the ever creative mind

To extrude and to extend us

Art how our culture is defined

Art the hammer that will form us

Products of inelegant design

No more truth to misinform us

Where the line forms outside of the line

© 2015 Arturo Hammer 1/14/15

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