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Piss Abyss Shit Pit

The Washington machine

Is always set on spin

Tragic agitation

Vermouth, a splash of gin

Contains the dirty laundry

Absolves official sin

Removes ugly bloodstains

Rubbing out rubs it in

And though it is the same

As it has always been

Where the cleansing loses

The filth is bound to win

Standards continue plummeting

Spectacles wear dork glasses

Blathering a minute mile

Yet moving slow as molasses

No more noble obligation

Exists between the classes

Nothing save contempt remains

Where all empire amasses

Forgetting what became of Rome

Sad pachyderms get passes

German Nazis had their jackboots

US fascists have jackasses

A nice change for a bit

Before we’re at last glorped into

The piss abyss/shitpit

Our spin-down toward the right

Below where pissers miss

All are welcome in the blight within

The shitpit piss abyss

Womanhood is manned

Boy hoods now are girled

Parenthood unplanned

Neighborhoods unfurled

Freedom mandates stanned

Into the blender swirled

Our sweetness will expand

Into a bitter world

Swirling to the left would be

A nice change for a bit

Before we’re at last glorped into

The piss abyss shit pit

Our spin-down toward the right

Decapitating bris

Always eternal night within

The shit pit piss abyss

© 2022 ArtAHammer

7/27/22 Arturo Hammer

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