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Killer Be Killed

We’re under the gun

Our lives under fire

We fear everyone

Protection for hire

Our phasers on shun

Relationships tire

Our options are none

Funereal choir

So it’s Killer be killed

To life we all cleave

At the end we are billed

We give – We’ll receive

Looking out for number one

Piss pour position to aspire

Give it up to anyone

Who proves to be a better liar

As work systems we are run

Until our engines expire

And when we are finally done

We still can’t fucking retire

So it’s Killer be killed

To death we all cling

When blood must be spilled

Our type-A game we bring

They’ve taught us that anger is fun

That Heaven makes death our desire

Help from above is always none

Save for the teeth of the vampire

Our losses are always hard won

Lives for sale without a buyer

Into the disposal we’re spun

Human slurry to construct empire

So it’s Killer be killed

With Compassion bereft

Discord won’t be stilled

Until there’s none of us left

So it’s Killer be killed

To death we must cling

When blood will be spilled

Our type-A game we bring

So it’s Killer be killed

To life we must cleave

At the end we are billed

        You give – you’ll receive


© 2024 ArtAHammer

4/12/24 Arturo Hammer

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