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Alien Intervention

Tired of holding out for God

We want an alien intervention

To contend with the problems

Which have come to our attention

Someone or thing to save us

In willing belief suspension

To free us of our demons

While we’re kept in detention

Which is only temporary

Till they sort out who goes where

Can’t have us running about

Half-cocked without a prayer

Maintain elective stasis

As our new masters prepare

For all the ways To Serve Man

So much madness to share

Need an intervention

We’ve gone off the rails

Salvation invention

When divinity bails

Unite us divided

Invite us provided

We’ll go along if our ethos prevails

Stay our stupid hands little aliens

Stop us now before we kill anew

Enlighten us the errors of our wayliens

Let your spacey goodness shine on through

Save us with a blast from your ray guns

If you need you can even give us two

Avoid hitting me with any stray ones

Self-sacrifice is always best when it’s from you

Need an intervention

We’ve gone off the rails

A pound of cure’s prevention

While divinity fails

Ignite us decided

Incite us misguided

Bring us along but avoid the details

We tried holding out for God

But He hasn’t intervened

Since they wrote the Bible or before

Two thousand years of fraud

We still haven’t been weaned

So we have our little hissy fits and war

Through history maraud

The only wisdom gleaned

Is just the stuff that we forgot before

Into the future plod

Through humanity careened

Each new voice of reason we ignore

Our brilliance we applaud

Systems like a gun machined

Computers can calculate the score

Narrow interests focus broad

With the ethics of a fiend

Not sure what we need beyond more

Need an intervention

We’ve gone off the rails

Life lease extension

From the sky where God hails

Indict us derided

Delight us resided

Simple solution, compound our travails.

ArtAHammer 2/8/17 © 2017

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