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Truth to Power

Power accedes to no demand

It only recognizes force

Unchecked to constantly expand

Exploit, entrench, and reinforce

The resources at its command

To commandeer all life’s resource

The preeminence of the brand

From hard reality divorce

Balance demands a steady hand

To slow this detrimental course

Corruption calls for reprimand

Remuneration and remorse

To seek the truth, to understand

To help expand human discourse

Reveal corruptions where they stand

Is journalism at its source

Faced with loss of livelihood

Reporters will cower

Journalists serve greater good

Speaking truth to power

Forward comes the journalist

Presenting facts as they exist

All the tools which they enlist

Against pushback they persist

As our social catalyst

Their efforts we must all assist

On inside scoops they must subsist

Of hidden knowledge they consist

As a people we must all insist

Assange’s charges must be dismissed

Faced with scorn from FCC

The official glower

Journalism’s only free

Speaking truth to power

How is committing murder legal

Yet it is a crime to reveal it

How is torture accepted as just

When legal systems just deal it

How long can our freedom last

When the lies of rule repeal it

As we kill off the speakers of truth

The lie will be truth as they spiel it

The official line is drawn

In blood no one can scour

Until the last of us is gone

We’ll be speaking truth to power

Assange not Pentagon

With war crimes by the hour

Until all of them are gone

We are speaking truth to power

© 12/23/21 ArtAHammer

Arturo Hammer

For Julian Assange

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