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The Teaming Masses

Our cities sink in disrepair

While infrastructures crumble

The people fall into despair

Where even the deft stumble

Where hubris kills the market share

Into disrepute tumble

The morass of the millionaire

The arrogant aren’t humble

Leaders then loudly declare

Such words unfit to mumble

For constituency Care

Internal gasses rumble

Wade into the teaming masses

Everybody pick a side

All of our great castes are classes

Where we learn how to decide

What is bad and who is good

Who to hate, what to esteem

Why we don’t do what we should

As members of them asses’ team

Their outpouring of concern

In their bowels charities churn

Time invested must return

Low yield love is what they spurn

Money stole, contempt they earn

Behind scenes the wheels turn

Ethos remains slash-and-burn

Clearly, we will never learn

Knee deep in the teaming masses

Everyone’s on the wrong side

Dropping bombs and missing passes

The wise know to run and hide

To the right, to the left

Center not safe as may seem

Abundantly bereft

The players on them asses’ team

Talking heads implore you

Listening ears ignore you

Deplorables adore you

The adorable deplore you

The broken up restore you

The unstable they shore you

Uninteresting bore you

Compellingly abhor you

Engulfed in the teaming masses

Stuck up on the underside

Much bad gas so many asses

Buy the ticket take the ride

To the bottom or the top

As the blind cheerleaders scream

To never go don’t have to stop

Playing on them asses’ team

© 2022 ArtAHammer

Arturo Hammer 1/17/22

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