• artahammer

Slumming With a Billionaire

She gets paid to get laid

Within the public eye

Her parade is surveyed

The show to sell and buy

Her crusade to persuade

The sucker’s incubi

This handmaid is unpaid

A name will qualify

The arcade as stockade

With NDA comply

So dismayed the charade

Compliance, must deny

From trailer Park Avenue

Where the rich won’t pay the fare

To a Lake Tahoe venue

His designs are all laid bare

With tighty whities in view

Pursuit in his underwear

Even things a dog won’t do

Slumming with a billionaire

The American Century

A Fascist gala golf tourney

Only those with enough money

Are allowed to taste some honey

Once you are there you can’t say “stop!”

Assembled at the photo op

And afterwards a bowl of slop

Down to their knees the suckers drop

No style as she takes her dogging

It’s not just the toilets clogging

Rolled up tight, more covers hogging

Faces Forbes for fanny flogging

Or watching Shark Week on TV

She’s like his daughter naturally

With three fake boobs indignity

Still she waives her usual fee

Perhaps she was a Wicked gift

Reward for all those panties sniffed

A freebie for the tight spendthrift

For too the spoiled forego the swift

A hotel in Beverly Hills

Still disinclined to pay the bills

Fund extracurricular thrills

For ennui to the mogul kills:

My family tends to bore me

Will not let them ignore me

Some strange pussy to warm me

A blowhard when it’s Stormy

From trailer Park Avenue

Grotesqueries are laid bare

To philander no taboo

All in loving whores is fare

A disgusting residue

On the floor and in his hair

Repercussions overdue

Slumming with a billionaire

© 2018 ArtAHammer

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