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Prime Lord

Not unlike with cocaine

The right amount is more

As loss equates to no gain

You gamble just to score

Wealth lies in the price tags

Business conquistador

Why settle for dime-bags

Just buy the whole drugstore

A hunger never sated

To feed the only thing

Hubris demonstrated

In this endless ravening

The market saturated

Why go when he will bring

With bennies legislated

Peons kneel before the king

Kneel before the Prime Lord

He gathers unto him

He could fly to Mars

And buy it on a whim

Not your average crime lord


Crazy psycho eyes

And slick Lex Luthor hair

Daddy’s little seed delivered

More than anyone would guess

Sprouted into mighty forest

Clearcut his way to success

Devoured the competition

Nothing exceeds like excess

Bazillionaires a bad decision

One gets more – the rest get less

Kneel before the Prime Lord

He keeps all he finds

He’ll get you beholden

For debt’s the tie that binds

An economic crime lord

Someday, trazillionaire

Wants to be the first and only

A one-man love affair

Once a mighty rainforest

Now a shipping container

Once the mightiest river

Now a cash cow on retainer

Once a mighty warrior

Now a billing explainer

With Each new iteration

The name becomes profaner

Kneel before the Prime Lord

Reality so bleak

Empty soda bottles

Slaves need to take a leak

A super evil crime lord

Psycho bazillionaire

He could burn it all down

Cuz he don’t even care

© 2021 ArtAHammer

12/17/2021 Arturo Hammer

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