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Just say yes to saying no

You know not to say yes

All these yeses don’t you know

Have led us to this mess

Now excess has brought us low

Exacerbates distress

Just impress us with a show

We need to decompress

While selling their chemi-cures

Declared on drugs a war

Out shelling only assures

Their profits equal more

So telling justice demurs

When the law hits the floor

We’re smelling the best manures

As they show us the door

They get us hooked on dope

Death rattle of Pharmageddon

Nobody just says nope

Dubious recommendation

Proffering us more medication

Instruction on insanitation

Mandating us all vaccination

Through corporate machination

Political manipulation

Swallow the official narration

Wash it down with a nice lie-bation

Subject to corporate predation

Accountant’s determination

Never question the motivation

When money’s in consideration

Sedation sold as salvation

They’ll subsidize your cremation

Health ain’t part of the equation

Wealth the devout consummation

Health ain’t part of the equation

Wealth the devout consummation

No battle of Armageddon

They get us hooked on dope

Death rattle of Pharmageddon

Through chemistry we cope

Since Operation Paperclip

The Nazis ruled our science

They help us to our final trip

Or foster our reliance

Into dependency slip

Diminish our defiance

The sound of the IV drip

Our chemical compliance

The FDA approves the ills

Which lead to our addiction

Big Pharma provides us pills

Which advance this affliction

People cave to TV shills

And advertising fiction

It’s the legal shit that kills

The Cure, a contradiction

Servitude through chemistry

Substantial dependency

Enslaved by the pharmacy

Addiction as our destiny

Indentured depravity

It’s us or them but never we

The cause to cure our misery

No addict is truly free

No battle of Armageddon

They got us hooked on dope

Death rattle of Pharmageddon

Proffer scaffold, provide rope

9/20/21 Arturo Hammer

© 2021 ArtAHammer

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Oct 07, 2021

An excellent encapsulation of an unfortunate truth that is more relevant now than ever. Unfortunately… this reality has impacted plenty, altered many and damaged most. Bravo Arturo on composing our powerlessness into this powerful piece! (along with the artwork which is equally superb and fitting) 👍

Oct 17, 2021
Replying to

I thank you for considering my work and am pleased and honored it speaks to you! Art is the drug with which I try to wean us from the madness of commerce.


Sep 27, 2021

Wow, that’s powerful. Great job on the Lyrics and that picture is pure joy, like an action scene where the hero evades bombs. I love it, keep up the great work

Oct 17, 2021
Replying to

I am very happy you find virtue in my work and elusion of the explosion of chemistry which is currently devastating our reality. Thank you good sir!

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