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Our Homicidal Child

Teddy, unwary

Birthed up a sire

(Some said, “A real beaut!”)


Sure to inspire

Don’t ever call it cute


Realm to aspire

Persecuted persecute

UN and Harry

Joined to conspire

This unholy pursuit

Enemies marry

Power desire

Their common attribute


Conceived in ire

To bear a bitter fruit

Ever contrary

Hard to admire

Enjoys its ill repute

Terribly scary

Costume attire

Resplendent dressed in soot


Exhaling fire

An ugly little brute

Eyes monetary

Not so much acquire

The tendency to loot

As customary

Agreements transpire

The banker destitute

Buyer be wary

Wisely inquire

Whose golden parachute

Tale cautionary

Wary be buyer

Inclined to convolute


Circumstance dire

Condition is acute

Results don’t vary

Friendships expire

All promises moot


Killer for hire

Push psychopath recruit

All military

Wrapped in barbwire

Pursue the absolute

Mad mercenary

Murder misfire

Into your foot you shoot

Home? Cemetery

Sunk in the mire

The very Earth pollute

What madness makes one seek to be

Universally reviled

The madness which breeds lunacy

Our homicidal child

© 2012

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