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Go West

Confused at best

We failed the test

And likely will end as the rest

Those we detest

They not so blessed

As by the gentle fates caressed

Often expressed

What’s said in jest

Such things are not as they attest

Where fools suggest

The welcome guest

Misplaying it gross to the vest

Nonsense ingest

The truth molest

Our destiny is manifest

Childhood regressed

Now reassessed

A superhero interest

Quixotic quest

Of zeal and zest

Put the con yay in contest

Image obsessed

So self-impressed

Bow down before the golden-tressed

Backward regressed

White House infest

Issues for so long unaddressed

The grim incest

Hard to digest

And memories so long suppressed

Our world distressed

At whose behest

The written law has been transgressed

Await arrest

Must be addressed

There’s so much that thou doth protest

This world’s unrest

The long oppressed

Insanity we must divest

With all assessed

Sincere request

That quietly you will go West

© 2018 ArtAHammer

10/12/18 Arturo Hammer

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