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Empty Dicks and Loaded Guns

They set me up

I look upset

But trust me they seen nothing yet

They play the game

Russian roulette

The pistol pointing pig cadet

We know their aim

They pose the threat

Before we know it, we’re beset

With pistols drawn

The quick reset

In the avoidance of regret

Bullies or cowards

You can take your pick

Impatient doctors

Cure will make you sick

Well-armed aggressors

Pull out the night stick

Fingers on triggers

Pigs swing empty dick

Empty dicks and loaded guns

With the fingers on the trigger

A brutality that stuns

Little men are aiming bigger

They swarmed me in Tahoe

NoHo cuffed in the street

Set us up in Concord

To cart off: dead meat

Machine guns Warner Hollywood

Where Choose or Lose compete

Berettas in massage parlor

Naked and indiscrete

Empty dicks and loaded guns

With more fingers on the trigger

A brutality that stuns

Little men keep getting bigger

The heat of a million suns

Figures lie where liars figure

Faced with massive overruns

Hatred comes with renewed vigor

I can face reality

And not armed to the choppers

It seems reasonable to me

But not so much to coppers

See us as the enemy

In their terms of White and black

Their job’s not protect and serve

But to defend and attack

They do the elite’s bidding

By keeping us all in check

They teach that to defy them

Is a rope around the neck

Innocence is no relief

For that’s how the races run

When you’re looking for justice

Down the barrel of a gun

Empty dicks and loaded guns

Many fingers on the trigger

With a savagery that stuns

Little lies keep getting bigger

The hatred of a million sons

People die in killers’ rigor

Down the drain our freedom runs

Tyranny with renewed vigor

©2020 ArtAHammer

Arturo Hammer 10/22/20

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