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Death by Accusation

Charged in the press

Tried upon TV


Equals felony

Our conviction

Has much gravity

Should you be our

Current enemy

Mainstream journalists must write what is right

Or find that they might not write so long

Corporate media flexing their might

Define what is right and what is wrong

Industry seeks violence to incite

Conflict assures coffers remain strong

Indignation the fuse to ignite

The blood lust that will define the throng

The leader du jour

His fatwa declared

Position secure

With grievances aired

To prove that he’s sure

Must show he’s prepared

Destroy or injure

An enemy snared

And work to ensure

That people are scared

Of thoughts deemed impure

Dissent that is shared

Succumb to the lure

Of ethics impaired

Working to assure

No victims are spared

Death by accusation

The elimination

Of the rights of the accused

Regardless location

Prestige or vocation

Pleas to reason are refused

Social implication

Ethics obviation

In justice the law recused

Royal proclamation

Legal termination

Human power is misused

Convicted in the press

Weak evidence or less

Profane pundits profess

The audience impress

Something about the dress

Effective use of stress

On fiction they obsess

Go backwards as progress

Imagine war as chess

A punch as a caress

Murder obliged noblesse

Explosives as finesse

Still others dispossess

Captive under duress

Too tortured to confess

See suicide success

No thought to reassess

No grievances redress

Corruptions coalesce

Thus justice we suppress

Death by accusation

See elimination

Of the rights of the accused

Transcending the nation

Every role and station

Human thinking is confused

Proposed liquidation

Politic predation

Crime so readily excused

Insane instigation

Fearsome fabrication

Minds such thinking has suffused

Unproven allegation

Equals condemnation

Human being rights abused

Just assassination

Begs retaliation

For all those so poorly used

Bloodlust satiation

Power validation

Best behaviors disabused

Wake from hibernation

Find no consolation

Once the blindfold is refused

© 2011

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