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Big Box Bullshit

Ask not for what’s in the box

For in the box is you

Your presence there the system chalks

Up to your life’s miscue

If you had upheld your rocks

And not bid them adieu

They’d be there for future talks

And trips down to the zoo

Alas we face the paradox

Unsure what we must do

Staving dementia praecox

A temporary view

Relentlessly the system mocks

Reviewed askance askew

The sucking of a million cocks

Into your ass they screw

Big Box Bullshit

All your problems in one place

What they don’t shove up your ass

They dangle in your face

Say you crave electronics

Few places still remain

To give you the power fix

Your presence entertain

With machines we buy machines

No humans need engage

When machines fail to machines

No machines will enrage

As systems are built to fail

Remote commerce is best

Buyer’s remorse anger wail

Won’t lead to your arrest

Unless we’re talking cardiac

While playing money tag

Owners driving Cadillacs

While we go in the bag

Big Box Bullshit

Where our problems all amass

What they don’t shove down your throat

They jam it up your ass

Ask not then what’s in the bag

For in the bag is us

Goodies there on which to gag

As choking hazardous

The promise of endless swag

As Hell is cavernous

Perfect but for one small snag

An ethos venomous

Kneel before the branding flag

The bill is omnibus

Underneath the Best Buy tag

We’re all thrown under bus

Big Box Bullshit

All our problems in one pile

One goes in your ass and mouth

The rest will take a while

© 2021 ArtAHammer

9/13/21 Arturo Hammer

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