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1984 came and went

Big brother’s fate was sealed

All the time and money spent

To keep this fact concealed

Each new lie systems invent

However heartily spieled

They reinforce the battlement

On this our battlefield

Cameras record our torment

No injuries are healed

In surround sound each lament

Our ears and eyes are peeled

Governed we give our assent

As our freedoms are repealed

To then complete our long descent

Our brave new world revealed

Soma? I dunno, Ma

Suspect I’m in a coma

Blinked my eyes the world was strange

Thanks but you can keep the change

Flashing lights entrance

Watch the monkeys dance

Don’t just give a glance

Or a look askance

Offer vigilance

Returns sustenance

The media’s expanse

Designed to enhance

Also to advance

Soma’s empty trance

Offer permanence

Bolster arrogance

Laud convenience

Through inelegance

Foster dominance

And intolerance

Fed through ignorance

Vile governance

Seeking furtherance

Of extravagance

Our inheritance


Soma? I dunno, Ma

Suspect I’m in a coma

Was I injured in the fall

Please forget the wake up call

Pummeled by brutality

Beat with sextasy indeed

Fed 2-D duality

Our submission guaranteed

As children not heard or seen

Upon tainted tit we feed

Soma’s vast enticing screen

Gives me everything I need

Maintain pleasure as remote

Where the peril doesn’t bleed

Attention all I will devote

I’m effectively TV’d

Soma? I dunno, Ma

Suspect I’m in a coma

Forever kicked by iron boot

On my own foot - it's a hoot

© 2011

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